Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Welcome to Little Alaska

Welcome to Little Alaska, formerly Massachusetts, where it snows all the time but we still have the twelve hour cycles of day and night. Soon I'm going to move into an Igloo because it will be bigger than my house. I now also have a full time job since I retired. It's SNOW REMOVAL, and not by plow for a business because I don't have a plow truck. I shovel out my driveway, sometimes three times a day, and I live in a condo. So I don't have a snow blower, but I do have three shovels. Well, I had three shovels but I gave one to my daughter so now I have two. I have one with a bent handle that is better for my back, and I have a long handled push shovel that pushes the snow to the side of my driveway if it's not piled too high, and it is light and easy to move. Can snow be light, fluffy, or soft and cuddly? The answer is NO, unless you're on a mountain and skiing down white powder. That's where snow belongs. Not burying my car and driveway with 15 inches of heavy wet snow while I inch along clearing the monster layer cake style. That's why it's a full time job, cause it takes all day, but I don't get a penny for clearing it. Just the joy of seeing a clear driveway for a day and a half till the next storm.

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