Monday, July 25, 2005

Living With Terror

Okay, we're supposed to continue to live our lives normally, but let's be real, there is no normal with this plague on humanity. There are no rules or ways to fight this, except to be prepared, and keep on guard for anything different or out of the ordinary. Commuters on my train have new visitors, the MBTA SPECIAL FORCES, the black suited policemen, and one eyed me suspiciously when I dared to make eye contact with him at my usual commuter station for the past ten years. Well, my suspicions were correct. This blonde haired moustachioed guy eyed me and my back back for a few seconds with a total blank expression. But the eyes said everything I needed to know. No one is above suspicion, and they are looking for anything suspicious, including me for looking at them. So, forget racial profiling. On the positive side anyone could be a singled out, male or female, black or white or asian, latino, whatever. On the negative side, it feels like a Stephen King movie to have the policeman question me in his mind, even for brief seconds. But I find myself also looking for the odd person, the commuter who doesn't fit. This used to be a pleasant experience to take the Commuter Rail into Boston. Now sleeping is fitful at best, reading is intermittent, and relaxation is at a minimum. Actually, the Men in Black are beginning to be a welcome sight in this new world order.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

London Bombing

It was a nightmare in daytime, horrible, macabre, frightening beyond description, especially if you're a commuter like me who take a train to work every day, not to mention the thousands of people who take the MBTA trains. We all relate to the carnage caused in London and are horrified that God forbid it could happen here or anywhere. We feel for the families and their loved ones who died, and the injured in hospitals who were once again the innocent victims of hatred and terror.

The President came out and said this was an attack against freedom, and we will do everything to stay on the attack to defeat the terrorists. What he didn't say and hasn't said is we will do everything we can to insure the safety of our free citizens, and shore up our security systems for commuters around the country who rely on public transportation. What about the defense, Mr. Bush. He won't make that commitment, except to the airlines, although that would make his commitment to our safety a clear signal that he intends to protect freedom at home.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Old Hippy Concert

You knew it, when this big gray haired guy stood up alone while John Fogerty sang Born on the Bayou, early on pumping his fists in the air, and screaming out. He was dressed normal, but here was a closet hippy. If I close my eyes, I can see him with his bong getting stoned, and passin' it around while CCR blares "Proud Mary". Oh, shit, those were the days, the anti'establishment, get stoned and blast the stereo, while the sixties and seventies fly by. And then there was John Mellencamp, more positive rock and roll, my son said. Yeah, but I still like that song, "Pink Houses." "Ain't that America, you and me, something to see, baby. Little pink houses for you, for you and me, girl. Oh, yeah." The hope of the past seeking fruition in the present. And if you got one, in the middle of the country, you made it, like your parents before you. You got it all. The American dream realized. Isn't that what it's all about?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A positive blog

My wife says I should be more positive, that I should be shallow and happy like her. So, what the heck, I'm gonna try to LA, LA, LA, be happy, and enjoy life on my vacation. I mean if you can't chill out on summer vacation, when can you? I guess it's cause I'm a deep person. I think below the surface. But I am surrounded by most people who only see the road or world in front of them, right in front of their face and nothing else. It's a pleasant way to be, a lot less thinking, wondering, worrying, comprehending, or trying to understand THE BIG PICTURE. Who cares? I'm having fun, you're having fun, the sun is out, the Red Sox are in first place, and my back is finally fine. Life is good, and goes on. So roll with it, baby, for a while. Shallow is, don't ask why are people shallow. Shut up! Okay.