Thursday, February 17, 2011

F--- You, and Dinner for Schmucks

With the number 1 single, F--- You by Cee-Lo Green, it appears the age of Censorship is almost over, but is it a good thing? Like everything else, the greater use of profanity in everyday life will desensitize its effect. Soon "fuck you" will seem as innocuous as "hello", or may replace hello as in "Fuck you, Jim. What a beautiful day!" The last "literary" writing taboo will be gone. As censorship disappears, so will boundaries. We will no doubt see more book and movie titles that are a lot more colorful than Dinner for Schmucks.
A very weird movie that had little to say other than poking fun at thinly veiled imbeciles, it was a long waste of viewing time. There was nothing to root for in that movie, except for it to end much sooner than it did. But I was stupid enough to go out and rent it thinking, that with Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, it would be a funny movie with a satirical eye toward modern life. The movie was callous and not funny and full of cliche stereotypes. And after a while it was the kiss of death, boring.
But I can see the future and some new titles that will come out for popular consumption. "Eat Shit, Doghead!", a bestselling memoir about growing up in the slums of Newark in the sixties; or "Fuck You, Motherfucker" a novel about a basketball legend turned real estate mogul. "Bullshit Yourself" a movie about the life of a gangsta rapper who transforms his life to become a doctor, when a brain surgeon saves his life after a horrible car accident and leaves him only with the ability to speak profanity. "Kiss My Fucking Ass" a thriller about a girl on the lam running from the law and her bank-robbing boyfriend. The sky's the limit for the seven words you couldn't say on television back in the day. Soon they will be peppered throughout books and movies, as well as music. Their time has come.

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