Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Packers Win Superbowl

There is a God, because he made sure the Steelers lost. I'm not sure any team could have beaten the Packers, but the Patriots would have been a much better opponent. Rodgers vs Brady would have been awesome to watch. Brady would have been positively salivating when the Packers two prime time back end players went down. Wouldn't Brady have attacked their replacements with relish and Welker and Gonzo and Hernandez. That's a game we didn't get to see. Maybe next year. But at least we don't have to put Big Ben in the conversation of elite quarterbacks because he doesn't belong there. Rodgers does, because he is unbelievably talented. He makes Mark Sanchez look like he should have stayed in college at least another year. Enjoy this one Packers, because we know what happened to last year's Superbowl winner. Congratulations, Green Bay! Hope the Pats get to play you at the same time next year.

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