Saturday, October 17, 2009

Twit this

Twitter limits a tweet to 140 characters, we have 6 word memoirs, what's next, a 50 page novel? Has it happened? Can people not focus long enough to read a book? Why do we have to follow something in 140 characters? That's way too long. Say what you want without yawning. Yabba Dabba Do or Yabba Dabba Don't , followed by news, views, or blues. Virtual life is moving so fast, software is catching up to human capacity. Cut costs, corporations crow to increase revenue and margins and give the best customer service. How do you provide the best customer service when the corporations cut their most important resource, employees? They can provide the best services because their software has gotten better, and faster. Employees, they are things of the past. Corporations have no loyalty to Americans to give us jobs. They are global, they go for the cheapest labor. Democrats = Republicans. More jobs, better education, national security. 36 million people w/o health care. 40 million go hungry every day. Manning vs. Brady, Obama vs Whoever, Palin vs. Fey, Stimulus package, Congressmen and women who don't vote, best job in America except for Vanna White's.