Thursday, January 27, 2011

Got Snow?

And how about this SNOW. Have we had enough yet? I don't know about you but I surrender. I give up, SNOW wins. I think there have been more days of snow this winter than without it. I've become an expert shoveler, and it has become my new full time job, cause it takes all day to clear it or get over clearing it. I think there should be a new event at the Winter Olympics, Shoveling, instead of Curling. Nobody understands that sport anyway, and how much talent does it take to sweep a broom? Shoveling a wall of wet snow in under a minute without dying would be much more impressive don't you think? Has anybody seen the Sun? It's mostly all white stuff out here, snow. Are you all going nuts like me snow. It's even starting to creep in my writing snow. I can't stop it sno, there. I better stop. Write back, soon, snow, and I'll try to get my mind off this obsession with SNOW. Got any ideas, I might need HELP!

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