Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How about Packers vs Pats?

This is not the Superbowl I was dreamin' of. We all know the best Superbowl would have featured the two best quarterbacks of the 2010 season, Brady vs Rodgers. The Patriots we know didn't make it there, and I'm still dumbfounded by the loss to the J E T S, JETS, JETS, JETS that took a nose dive and crashed and burned last Sunday in the AFC Championship game in their loss to the Steelers. Was there ever a greater image than King Rex throwing down his headphones in disgust? YAY! Great, we are all happy with that result. We're not happy that the Steelers are in the Superbowl, because the Patriots beat them on their way to their incredible 14-2 season. After all the recriminations, it really came down to two things: the lack of urgency and second half adjustments by the offense to the Jets defensive scheme, and the lack of toughness by the defense. The team simply did not play like they thought they could win the game, which is the most mind-boggling thing about this unpredictable young Patriots team. They weren't ready for the nitty gritty of playoff football, where teams scratch and claw for 60 minutes, and the tougher team prevails. Patriot players are probably sitting home, saying, "Man, we should be there. We beat the Steelers." And there was no way I could get behind the Jets like good old Dan Shaunessy from the Globe admonished us that we should. I hated their coach, and I hated their arrogance, and thirdly, they were not that good. But they sure gave it their all even when they were down 24-3 at the end of the first half. How do you explain that, Rexy? Too many Patriots in your head? The Patriots have to re-establish their toughness like the great Championship teams of Bruschi, Vrabel, Harrison, Law, Milloy, and Brady. They have to play like champions when it matters the most. They got the best quarterback, they got the leaders, and they got Belichick. Next year the Patriots should be Jetting to the Superbowl.

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