Saturday, July 16, 2005

London Bombing

It was a nightmare in daytime, horrible, macabre, frightening beyond description, especially if you're a commuter like me who take a train to work every day, not to mention the thousands of people who take the MBTA trains. We all relate to the carnage caused in London and are horrified that God forbid it could happen here or anywhere. We feel for the families and their loved ones who died, and the injured in hospitals who were once again the innocent victims of hatred and terror.

The President came out and said this was an attack against freedom, and we will do everything to stay on the attack to defeat the terrorists. What he didn't say and hasn't said is we will do everything we can to insure the safety of our free citizens, and shore up our security systems for commuters around the country who rely on public transportation. What about the defense, Mr. Bush. He won't make that commitment, except to the airlines, although that would make his commitment to our safety a clear signal that he intends to protect freedom at home.

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