Thursday, August 06, 2009

Do you want a Shot of Consciousness with that?

A shot of consciousness, a wake-up call, an awakening. If only we could bottle and sell it, whatever "it" is, we might end the madness and suffering in the world. A woman rips a baby from a mother's womb. Another woman cannibalizes her own baby. Genocide goes on unabated in Darfur. Heinous acts happen every day somewhere, and less overtly heinous acts. I read one job is lost every 1.4 minutes in this country alone. One company wants to lay off 8,ooo people by the end of the year. Eight-thousand people, that's a small town. That's mothers, fathers, churchgoers, homeowners, renters, coaches, PTA members, part time waiters, students, instructors, volunteers. That's people whose income support basic town services, not to mention local businesses that keep a town afloat. Eight thousand people without jobs so one company can increase their share price value for their investors, and just possibly beat the market. YAY! Oh, and this company is spending millions of dollars for the naming rights of a stadium in Oakland, CA, where the Raiders play. Awesome! One CEO got it right when he said when he dies, God isn't going to be interested in what his company's share price was, but if he did good works.

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