Tuesday, June 28, 2005

King me!

I just went for a Crown last night, my second one, and what a fabulous dental visit it was. It was hot, literally, the A/C was barely working, and my bare legs stuck to the vinyl chair, like adhesive tape, after a while. Boy, was I looking forward to that hour and a half visit, and that lovely novacaine, the needle way back in your mouth that makes you feel like half your face is sliding off. And then it's on to the Big Dig. And for the next hour, you sit and smell the burnt odor while your tooth gets pared down. Actually, it feels like they're hard at work building an underground metropolis in your mouth, with highways, and byways, and tunnels to ease the traffic. The only sounds missing was horns beeping. I swear one time I looked up and he was wearing a hard hat. If only they could put you out and send you somewhere, like Hawaii or Mars like in Total Recall. But no, you have to be awake while they fill your mouth with cotton rolls and other gadgets, not to mention the air tube they hook on your lip, and the mini-vacuum they use to suck up the blood, etc. Then they ask if you're doing okay? Mmmph..., you nod, and hold your hands together in prayer fashion. You look out the window at the palm trees, girls in bikinis, and the rolling waves...Ahh, summer.

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